We are back to full service family medicine.  

Pap Clinic

All women between the ages of 21 and 70 should have cervical cancer screening (pap smear) done every three years.  There are circumstances that require more frequent screening.  Talk to your physician to see if you need more frequent screening. There is a special clinic done each month by a female physician.  You do not have to a patient of our clinic to get your screening done.  We will forward a copy  of your result to your regular doctor.

NEXT CLINIC IS  June 11, 2020

call 780-997-0177 or text 587-598-2098 (text line only) to book an appointment

Breast Health Clinic

The breast health clinic is an opportunity to ask questions about your risk factors for breast cancer.  You will first be seen by the Nurse Practitioner and given evidence based literature on breast cancer screening.  After you will be seen by a female physician.  You will then have the opportunity to ask if a breast exam, mammogram, or genetic testing is indicated for you.  You will be free to ask your questions in a supportive environment.  The next clinic is June 25, 2020. Please call 780-997-0177 or text 587-598-2098 to book an appointment.  

Hypertension Clinic (currently on hold)

Elevated blood pressure is a significant risk factor for heart disease, stoke, and renal failure.  This clinic is dedicated to those people who have elevated blood pressure and are unable to see a family physician or if you just want more information or advise.  You will first be seen by the Nurse Practitioner who will assess your cardiovascular risk factors and provide evidence based literature on diet, exercise and ways to reduce your blood pressure.  You will then be seen by a physician who will review and discuss appropriate medications.  If a medication is indicated you will receive a prescription and will be asked to return to the clinic until your blood pressure is well controlled.  This clinic runs every 2 weeks.  Please call 780-997-0177 or text 587-598-2098 to book an appointment. The next clinic is April 8.

Mole Surviellence Clinic

Do you have a mole or spot that is new or has changed?  Come to this clinic and learn the ABC's of mole checking.  You will be seen by a physician with experience in skin lesions.  You will be advised as to what your spot is and what needs to be done.  You are welcome to ask about rashes as well.  Please call 780-997-0177 or text 587-598-2098 to book  The next clinic is June 30, 2020

Men's Health Clinic

Prostate cancer is on the mind of many men.  However, the information can be confusing and conflicting.  This clinic is dedicated to providing clear guidance and appropriate testing based on your personal risk factors.  You will be seen by a male physician and provided with standard of care information from the Canadian Cancer Society.  Some men don't want to address prostate health due fear of having the dreaded rectal exam.  It is important but not essential.  Discuss with the physician what testing is right for you.  And you can ALWAYS decline the rectal exam.

If you have: incomplete bladder emptying, small urinary stream, urinary frequency, up at night to urinate, painful urination, painful ejaculation, or dribbling of urine then you need to see a physician. Please call 780-997-0177 or text 587-598-2098 to book. The next clinic is June 16, 2020

LPN Clinic

We are so pleased to offer this new service.  Anyone can now book directly to see our clinic nurse.  She is available for allergy injections, depo-provera injections, methotrexate or Prolia injections.  Also bandage changes, suture removal or blood pressure check.


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