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Special Clinics

Pap Clinic

All women between the ages of 21 and 70 should have cervical cancer screening (pap smear) done every three years.  There are circumstances that require more frequent screening.  Talk to your physician to see if you need more frequent screening. There is a special clinic done each month by a female physician.  You do not have to a patient of our clinic to get your screening done.  We will forward a copy  of your result to your regular doctor.


call 780-997-0177 or text 587-598-2098 (text line only) to book an appointment

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Wart Clinic

If you have a plantar wart or other type of wart we are happy to help you get rid of it.  We use a chemical compound (canthrone) that safely removes the unsightly wart.   The clinic is run every Thursday from 10 am to noon.  Call 780-997-0177 or text 587-598-2098 to book.

9368 Southfort Drive Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 0C5

Tel: 780-997-0177